Thursday, July 10, 2008

Manipal Waitlist Status!!!

Branch: Aeronautical
Waitlist No: 23
Cutoff Rank: 3345

Branch: Automobile
Waitlist No: 25
Cutoff Rank: 3748

Branch: Biomedical
Waitlist No: 46
Cutoff Rank: 4935

Branch: Chemical
Waitlist No: 57
Cutoff Rank: 4312

Branch: Civil
Waitlist No: 58
Cutoff Rank: 3733

Branch: Computers
Waitlist No: 82
Cutoff Rank: 1994

Branch: ECE
Waitlist No: 57
Cutoff Rank: 1657

Branch: EEE
Waitlist No: 108
Cutoff Rank: 2945

Branch: ICE
Waitlist No: 40
Cutoff Rank: 3825

Branch: IPE
Waitlist No: 34
Cutoff Rank: 4074

Branch: IT
Waitlist No: 72
Cutoff Rank: 2641

Branch: Mechanical
Waitlist No: 106
Cutoff Rank: 2953

Branch: Mechatronics
Waitlist No: 58
Cutoff Rank: 3200

Branch: Printing Technology
Waitlist No: 56
Cutoff Rank: 5665


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