Tuesday, July 1, 2008

BITS Cutoff Released!!!


First Cutoff: 267
Waiting List Cutoff: 251
Expected Cutoff: 251



my bitsat score was 281 and i am in waiting list as i have not filled b.pharma and msc biological sciences . what should i do , should ifill the fees , i mea n can i expect be courses anywhere.

Akshay said...

Yes, fill the fees. You should hopefully get some BE course at Hyderabad and if you are really lucky then you might scrap through Goa as well. Anyway, you will get a decent MSc Hyderabad which can be converted to dual degree BE!!!

alien said...

hi akshay i got 265 in bits am in waitlist i did not put b pharm but kept msc bio wat r ma chances?

Akshay said...

u shd scrap thru bio science etc however personally i don't like that subject and won't take it. anyway, if u r really lucky u mite scrap thru chem hons or so and mite get a dual degree BE. So keep watching while exploring other options.

chandra sekhar said...

How about a score of 299. Any decent BE openings possible at Goa or Hyderabad pl?

Anurag said...

What to expect at 228 in BITSAT

Akshay said...

At 299
You should get most of the BEs at Hyderabad or at least half of them and some BE or the other at Goa too hopefully. However I recommend a good MSc Hons at Pilani so that you can get a BE plus dual degree advantage.

At 228
Sorry, the expected cutoff is 251.