Monday, July 7, 2008

AIEEE Counseling Procedure Explained!!!

AIEEE Counseling Procedure Explained!!!

There are two forms: Form 1 and Form 2. Both these forms are optional.

You fill your choices in order of preference in Form 1 out of the choices which are available on the day of your counseling. Depending upon your AIR and subject demand you are allotted the subject from your preference list.

Once you are allotted a subject in a college, it becomes frozen and can not be changed. There is no sliding during the counseling procedure. So if you meet any of the cutoffs, you just get that course.

In case you don't get through any course through Form 1 or leave Form 2 blank, then Form 2 comes into play. You only mention the institutes you want to go to in that form in order of preference.

If there is any vacant seat in any course in that institute in Form 2 you will be allotted it based on your AIR. If you don't make it to the first choice then comes the second institute within Form 2.

In case you don't have an AIR good enough to get anything you asked for in Form 2 either then you don't get anything through AIEEE counseling.

People were really confused about the system, I have attended my counseling and this is what I know.

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