Sunday, June 29, 2008

BE VS BTech...

BE is supposed to be more knowledge oriented where as B Tech is skill oriented.Now a days, nobody is caring about the by definition difference that was prevalent a generation ago. Its only University dependency.
Deciding which one is better is more dependent on the application/job one is capable of doing. Hands-on-experience is preferable to knowledge in many countries.An Engineer without skill is not an Engineer. To focus on this point, B Tech course was developed. This way B Tech is supposed to be closer to an Engineer than BE but now, not the degree but the talent matters. And its not important to have an Engineering Degree or background to be able to what the engineers actually are doing.
There are thousands of examples where people are doing very well along with engineers without having an engineering degree.

In India B.E. and B.Tech is treated as equivalents.People will prefer a better college or university rather then looking into as the degree offerred is B.E Or B.Tech.

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