Sunday, June 22, 2008

BITS Expected Cut Off!!!

BITS is releasing ranks of candidates on 1 July. The statistical data is already out at:

Some statistical information on BITSAT-2008


BITSAT score Analysis:

No of Candidates with score >= 400: 64
No of Candidates with score >= 350: 667
No of Candidates with score >= 300: 3613
No of Candidates with score >= 250: 11624
No of Candidates with Score >= 200: 25634

Last Years Cut Off:

This Years Expected Cut Off: 220-240+-10

Reason For Decrease in Cut Off:

Increase in BITS seats to 1.5 times due to opening of Hyderabad campus.

People are scoring a little lower than last year.

More seats in IIT and some other examinations.


Anonymous said...

i would like to know what does a person get at cut off marks??

like me,
m getting 228, then what will i get?

Akshay said...

You are borderline. You just might scrap through something after the fourth round of counselling. Cut off means the lowest of the lowest subjects, it could be B Pharma or MSc Hons Bio/Finance, something like this.

nalin said...

I hav an AIR of 17763 and SR (M.P) 976 in AIEEE,also my bitsat score is 232,wat can i get in bits

Akshay said...

Your bits is borderline. You may get something, you may not get anything. Keep a AIEEE back up ready. Check NIT post and post in AIEEE thread.

Hitanjan said...

i got 287 in bits
what will i get with this score ?

Akshay said...

That is a good score. You should be able to get nearly any MSc Hons at Goa, you should hopefully get at least half the MSc Hons at Pilani too. At Hyderabad you should get a Medium-High BE. Take BITS, that score is really nice.

Nishu said...

Hi Akshay,I found your post really helpful..Well i got 249 in BITSAT..Which branch do i get in Hyderabad??And also i have an option in Bangalore where i am getting good branches at PESIT and BMS..So which option according to you will be better??And this being the first year for Hyderabad, u think there is some risk factor or something like that??

Jyoti said...

hey i scored 315 at bkts
can i get electronics and instrumentation at bits pilani campus

rahul said...

hye akshay, i hav a score of 230 will a get any course left like B.Pharm or M.ScP/C/M/Ec in hyderabad and till when are the 4th iteration results out??

Akshay said...

Results are out!!!

I am extremely sorry but the cutoff this time is 251 and above as 251 is the cutoff for the waiting list!
First Cutoff:267

With 315 I don't think that you will make it to Pilani EI, although just check last year's cutoffs if you make it according to them only then you will make it, else sorry...

priyanka Chabbra said...

The BITSAT Results 2018 will be released by Birla Institute of Technology and Science in the 4th week of May 2018. Result will only be announced online on the official website of BITS University.