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Which College Will I Get Through AIEEE?

Please post your queries and doubts as comments so that me and other viewers can answer them. Any AIEEE rank or college query can be placed in this thread...



my aieee rank is 13060 & sr is 1788(rajasthan). can i get any core branch in any nit.

plz help

Akshay said...


I would suggest that instead of going for just NITs, consider PEC and Thapar too.

With this rank you will probably not get the better NITs with Electrical or Mechanical, however you can get these branches in the lower NITs like maybe Hamirpur, Durgapur, Surat etc.

However I would advise you to for you for a lower branch like Civil or Production in NITs like Jaipur Allahabad Bhopal Nagpur etc, where you do have a chance.

If you want the best subjects like IT or CS or ECE you should try in LNMIIT or Jaypee Noida.

gaurav said...

i have got a rank of 30290. can i get any of nits?

Siddharth said...

siddharth here
my aieee rank is 27578 ...
i already got ece in manipal university

wat do u suggest???
according 2 the online counsellin i am getting IP in NIT BHOPAL. i am optimistic of gettin NT jaipur-civil.
Please suggest.
Thank u

Akshay said...

Yes, you will get some NITs with lower courses. Check the NITs cut offs post. However rather than taking those NITs and those courses, I would suggest you consider IT or something else at Jaypee Noida, just in case you do get it. Also, don't expect any course expect in the bottom 7-8 NITs or maybe at most bottom 10.

I don't think you should go totally by the online counselling. With that rank you may not get anything at all in NIT Jaipur and maybe nothing or next to nothing even at NIT Bhopal. Besides, these NITs are not night and day better over Manipal. I would suggest try for Jaypee Noida ECE, failing which you should take Manipal ECE if you are really inclined towards ECE or Civil or Production in some decent NIT if you get it, which is not very likely in a good NIT.

Anurag said...

My AIEEE AIR-28,077, state rank 3994(U.P.), what gud colleges can I get through AIEEE

nanditha said...

my AIR is 21915 and SR 520(kar) can i get any course in suratkal..or by my AIR can i get something in surat

Akshay said...

Your best bet is trying for Jaypee Noida IT(counselling is currently taking place, don't delay). If you have not filled the form then your best bet would be some average NIT with an average course like Civil. If you are lucky you might scrap through a decent NIT, though don't bank on getting a decent one, but you just might.

If Surathkal is your state NIT you might get something there. I don't know about the state system as much. Through your AIR if you are very lucky you will get Jaypee Noida CS. You will get Jaypee Noida IT for sure which seems like a good option. Keep your eyes and ears open just in case you manage to get through something in PEC, Thapar or LNMIIT. You should get decent NITs with civil engineering. That is a pretty decent rank, congrats! Check the NITs thread for more information.

Shashank said...

i got a rank of 39024 and i am eligible for counselling. what can i get thru aieee better than manipal

Akshay said...

Yes, you are eligible for counselling. I am afraid that there is nothing better than Manipal that you will get through AIEEE. You are are likely to scrap through Civil or lower courses in the worst of NITs but they are far from comparable to Manipal.

naman said...

my rank is 6782 what can i get in top nits

Akshay said...

Things I think you should be able to get:
Thapar/BIT Mesra Comp/ECE
PEC Mechanical/Electrical/Aero
Top 3 NITs Mech/Electrical
Top 4-6 NITs IT/EEE or maybe even ECE
You might scrap through NSIT, don't know precisely as last year's cutoff was 4700
You will get through DCE as well.

naman said...

i heard nsit and dce finish up within top 1000

Ash said...

respected sir

my AIEEE rank is 5500 AIR and state rank is 619(delhi)

i am interested in electronics, IT and mechanical.

what do you think i can get in NIT allahabad OR NIT kurukshetra or IIIT allahabad.

plz help

Akshay said...

That is not true. Last year NSIT went till 4700. As far as I knew DCE went till 10-15k at least AFAIK. I have heard that a person with 20k is getting DCE this time.

I am not a sir! :)
Anyway, congratulations! You have done really well!!! Have you got through IP, DCE or IIT too? Anyway, try for IIIT A although you might not get it.
Try to go for CS instead of IT if you get it as it is considered the better counterpart of the same usually.
At NIT Kurushetra you should be able to get CS, ECE or any branch you want.
At NIT Allahabad you will get Mechanical or Electrical for sure. You should also get IT. If you are lucky you might just scrap through CS and ECE.
NIT Jaipur lies between the previous 2 NITs and is again close from Delhi.
I recognize that you don't want to go too far away from Delhi, so I won't recommend those options.
At Thapar you will get the subject of your choice.
At PEC you should get Mechanical and if you are lucky you might just scrap through IT. According to me PEC IT should be one of the better options.
Try to choose between PEC IT and NIT Allahabad IT/CS.

naman said...

do nsit and dce contain only 15% seat through aieee

Akshay said...

@naman: Yes

Hitanjan said...

my aieee rank is 8101 and state rank is 439
can i get ECE,EEE,CSE or IT in the top NIT's

pls help

Akshay said...

Please don't panic, you have done really well. You will get something really nice.

There is some difference between EEE and CS/ECE. Anyway, I got the point. I don't think that you will get these in the top 3 NITs. However you might scrap through NIT Allahabad or Jaipur or Bhopal. These 3 are very good NITs and come just next to those 3. If you are lucky you might even get CS in Thapar which would be the best option for you in my opinion. Please go for Thapar counselling. Also consider LNMIIT as it is a new upcoming institution and might set new standards in the coming years. You will get something good, so just relax and don't be tense. Believe me, that is what is going to help you. Take care!


Hitanjan said...

thanks akshay

do u think nit nagpur or durgapur is good

i am more interested in ece or in eee

do u think i shud give top priority to nagpur as i can use my state rank to get into nit nagpur only

Akshay said...


I would suggest that you should try not to dip below KKR or Nagpur, and preferably Jaipur Bhopal and Allahabad.

Top 3 come in the same league more or less.

Bhopal Jaipur and Allahabad aren't very far apart either I feel, although Allahabad could be better.

With your rank take EEE over ECE only if you need to do that for a better college, else try for ECE. BTW do you have problems with IT or CS?

I don't know about state ranking system, so I can't comment. That depends whether region preference counts for you or not.

With your rank I would suggest that you should try to stay in top 3-5 NITs unless you need to fall below for the subject which you don't really want to give up.

You should be able to get EEE or something similar in KKR or similar NIT.

Also consider LNMIIT very seriously and think about Thapar too. There you could get the subject of your choice.

In fact I would recommend you to choose between PEC Thapar and LNMIIT only with your rank(according to what I am expecting). You may get ECE at Thapar which could be the best current bet as you may not get anything similar at PEC although it is defintely a lot better. LNMIIT is a new upcoming and maybe promising solution as well. Do consider it.

ved said...

i would like 2 knw,if i shld go to thapar,where i m getting ec or dce were i might get ind & prod eng/polymer/ene???

Akshay said...

I don't know your ranks in different exams, please let me know.

For the same subject I would prefer NSIT>DCE>Thapar although DCE could be at a decline due to the pathetic faculty etc.

Within the same college:
Production>Environment(in my

Assuming that you are a resident of Delhi, I would advise you to stay at Delhi as you may prefer that. Try to get NSIT if you can.
Getting Civil at DCE could be your best choice. Polymer is a big NO.

Civil is really booming and a good choice.

However if staying in Delhi is not important then I recommend Thapar ECE. However please have a look at NITs LNMIIT and PEC as well.

Rascar said...

Thanks for the informative insights.

My AIR is 7319 and SR is 206 (TN). Is it possible to get Computers in any good NIT? (T,S,W,C)?

Akshay said...

With that rank it is possible that you may get Comp at Thapar which is better than all but top 3 NITs where there is no chance at all to get even IT.
If you are really lucky you might scrap through NIT Allahabad or Jaipur which follow those 3 NITs. If you don't get it here, you will probably get in either of these:

Rascar said...

damn.. because looking at last year's cut-offs from my state I thought I might get in the top 3 NITs

What about 2nd round of counselling? Is there any chance through that?

Akshay said...

I have no idea whether or not you will get your state NIT and if you do what would you get.

I am only talking about AIR basis. This year there is no state quota. If you want an accurate idea of this year's cutoffs, in my opinion for NITs check the cutoff ranks for AP/DL and multiply them by 1.5 to 2 times or check the cutoffs for CG state. According to me that could be close to the cutoffs this time for AIR.

Aashit said...
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Aashit said...

Hello friend.I am at air 18186.Can you please tell me about all the possible options i can hope to get in aieee.Also can I repeat aieee next year while studying in a college?That would be my third try.And by filling form 2 in councelling would reject my form-1??I don't understand this form procedure.I would be really thankful for reply.

Akshay said...

I myself don't know much about the form procedure. IIT you can't repeat, I don't know for sure about AIEEE. But if you have given it your best shot I would recommend against giving another serious try(ie. full drop) unless the reasons for this rank were bad rank etc. Besides, while studying in a college you may or may not be able to prepare adequately, obviously you won't have much time.

I would recommend you look out for LNMIIT, PEC Civil or Thapar Civil. You might just scrap through these if you are lucky. You should be able to get a decent NIT with civil engineering too.

ved said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aashit said...

Hello Hekshay!The thing is I got 267(285) curse my english-.- i got 60 in board.But it turned out they won't accept 79.666 percent as 80 to get civil which i hoped in hyderabad.And that 18000+ rank was because i was not able to join school during school days(TRUST ME) and I have recently come out of bad situation in family.Nothing can be done about it.Thats why i thought of repeating since I couldn't fill jaypee or NIRMA institute either in those problem thing.I was thinking to prepare normal NCERT of school along with college studies.I am dead sure to do real good next year but I can't sit home 1 year more.I live in rural area that is why I had no knowledge of so many other private colleges I came to know from your site.Thanks.

I would advice you to also have company of some college students your site will surely grow as your topic are really straight forward!!Keep up the good work.Cheers
I will also start some blog good idea.:)

Akshay said...

Thanks a lot! The thing is that if you do college with JEE prep then you won't be able to devote the same amount of time nor quality of study so you won't get the same returns. Finally, it is upto you. Good luck!

BTW I don't know any college students as I am yet to enter college! :)



my air is 13060 ( sr1788-rajasthan ) , i am getting mech. eng at iiitd&m , jabalpur . can any one tell me how is iiitd & m , jabalpur . can i get anything better in top 12 nits in on campus counselling or it will fall further.

Akshay said...

You will get Top 4-6 NITs with civil engineering, maybe top 6-8 NITs. I don't know how you are getting Mech at Jabalpur though. You should get a good NIT with civil engineering. You may also be able to get PEC or Thapar Civil which would be better.

vicky said...

my aieee air is 22694
(raj. s.r 2867 )

can i get lnmiit or pec

which nit i get with cse/ece

which nit i get with mech./civil

vicky said...

plzzzzzzzzz replyyyyyyy

Akshay said...

There is a very bleak chance that you just might scrap through LNMIIT if you are very very lucky, though I don't think so. You might scrap through PEC Mettalurgical though going for it does not make too much sense to me. Similarly Thapar Civil is extremely borderline with some chance still being there. Civil at some decent NIT seems possible though.

vicky said...

plzzz name of the nit's where i get civil/mech. or where cse/ece

plzz plzzz replyyyyyyyyyyyyy

rahul said...

my rank is 15873 what can i expect at these NITS
and what are the last chances in top3 nits!

Akshay said...

All these are probabilities. With the new system of AIEEE this is the first year and all I am trying to do is put a fair estimate as to what people should get. The system I usually follow is that the AIR cutoffs should be 1.5-2 times last year's cutoffs for DL/AP or similar to the cutoff for CG last year.

This is what is possible, not necessary to happen.
CS/IT/Electronics in the worst NITs like Raipur Agartala Srinagar Silchar Patna
Civil engineering in relatively decent NITs like Durgapur Surat Hamirpur Jalandhar etc
Mechanical in some NIT mentioned in both categories above.

Please check the NITs expected cutoffs post. In the top 3 NITs you should expect anything. At Bhopal you might scrap through mettalurgical, polymer etc in case it exists. Something similar with Nagpur. At Raurkela or maybe Nagpur maybe you just may scrap through Civil engineering etc.

Akshay said...

i meant in top 3 NITs don't expect anything.

nisha said...

my aieee rank is 4896 & cee rank is 819.I did'nt attend thapar & DAIICT bitsat score is 317 & I have been placed on waitlist. I have applied only for BE at pilani campus. can I get a core branch in a good institute?
plz help

Akshay said...

You can get good core branches either civil or mechanical in good institutes.

I recommend BITS Pilani Civil.

nikki said...

hello sir i hv got 37732 rank in aieee n 5437 in uttar pradesh what can i expect from aieee councelling... is dere ny use of going to the councelling.....

plz sir do reply

Akshay said...

It depends on what all you are getting and whether you are planning to drop or not. Even if you don't get anything in the first counseling, in the second counseling there is a very bright chance of getting lower branches like Transport, Poly, Mett etc in the lowest NITs.
Check NITs Expected Cutoffs thread

vicky said...

is there any chance to get civil at pec at air 22694 from rajasthan(s.r 2867)

plz reply

Akshay said...

the chances are extremely thin however there is still a 5% chance that you just might scrap through. I would say don't expect it however keep your eyes and ears open. This is the first year of the new NIT system, who knows what will happen...

Abhai said...

My aieee rank is 30242 & state rank 477 (gujrat). I have secured admission in Petroleum Engg. in IPTG.What are my prospects in NITs or Nirma?

Akshay said...

You may be able to scrap through Civil, Chem, Production engg unless you get a bit unlucky in NITs like Hamipur, Patna etc, basically the bottom 5-7 ones.
No idea about Nirma, but hopefully you might get something there.

vikram said...

my eee air is 5554(state rank 640 in up) can i get mech engg in nit trichy,warangal or surathkal.

vikram said...

hey can i get something in delhi college of engg as well??

is it neccessary to fill up it's form with secring a good rank in aieee??

reply soon

Akshay said...

You have a decent chance of getting mech in top 3 NITs.
Yes, you can probably get DCE and maybe NSIT as well.
Maybe you do need to fill forms for them though.

Rohan said...

hey akshay.......i hav so many doubts AIR is 6867 n SR is 409 (mp)

i m more interested in IT related branch (cse, ece, eee, eie, IT, etc) i ruled out chem, civ n d top 3 NITs

2.after off campus counsellin i m bit depressed ........i didnt even get mech in jaipur, allahabad, nagpur........all i got was ECE n then IT at bhopal......i dont think scene will change much during on campus....isnt it? NIT nagpur better than bhopal & frnz at NIT bhopal say so (they told that in bhopal there's so much gundagardi, they hav started new courses n shortage of faculty, no study envi, they advised me to prefer nagpur--same is d prbm wid allahabad but still is next to top 3 NITs)

r there ny negative points abt nagpur (most ppl say its very gud) order of NITs is
nagpur(coz better city, campus, better student crowd of maharashtra, better opp for mba)
calicut(since its far frm my home i'll avoid it)

is it all rite? i m confused shud i prefer mech at nagpur, jaipur, allahabad over ECE, EEE, IT of bhopal .......(my frnz told me that tronics deptt at bhopal sucks)

6.hows this bit mesra (i didnt like its location),NIT HAMIRPUR, ROURKELA......... shud i avoid these.........shud i consider LNMIIT (i'll prefer govt college)

7.plz answer all my doubts....... today is d last date to think.... tomorrow i'll leave for bhopal counselling

Akshay said...

2.Please don't be depressed. There is a good chance that what you finally get will be significantly better than what you got in offcampus counseling. Please look up my NITs Expected Cutoffs post.

3.Frankly speaking there is not much difference between top 3 NITs. Similarly there is not much diff between Allahabad Jaipur Calicut Bhopal. Of course one may be better than the other but the difference is not big enough, go for the place where you get the right branch and where you want to spend 4 years. NIT Nagpur is probably a bit lower however not too much lower either. I would say NIT Surat is definitely lower, it comes even after NIT KKR.


5.Overall I rate Bhopal over Nagpur, so why would you go for a lower branch in a lower place. Frankly speaking I don't really know anything about the depts of each and every place specifically barring a few(those aren't NITs), for that ask seniors and teachers etc. However generally don't expect faculty to be great anywhere except in good private colleges or maybe IITs.

6.BIT Mesra Ranchi>LNMIIT>NIT Raurkela>NIT Hamirpur
Hamirpur is the best amongst the worst NITs. Raurkela is a decent NIT. BIT Mesra is a good college and figures in the top 20-25 colleges of India. LNMIIT is a new upcoming institution with good faculty and infra and in the future may make it to the top 10-20 colleges of India.

7.Answered everything

Frankly speaking, your best overall bet that I would recommend is DAIICT or if you get IT CS ECE at NIT Allahabad Jaipur Bhopal Calicut. However in the long run DAIICT may be even more rewarding. Seriously give it a thought.

Rohan said...

thanx akshay

i also wanted to knw there r many other colleges like
PEC, chandigarh
which fill few of their seats thro aieee

eg. in case of PEC how will we come to knw abt seats it is offerin.........durin d off campus counsellin these colleges were not mentioned so during on campus will it be mentioned abt it or do we need to go to that college .......plz tell me d procedure

Akshay said...

PEC has its own form and separate counseling, not through AIEEE counseling AFAIK.

Only those colleges mentioned in online counseling will be mentioned(maybe only exception IIIT Delhi very unlikely though), other colleges have separate counselings.

vikram said...

hey akshay i have another doubt,can u please tell me that with a state rank of 640 in UP wud i b bale to secure say ECE or even IT in NIT ALLAHABAD??



Akshay said...

I don't know much about state ranking system. However with your AIR you are likely to get IT or EEE/ECE at NIT Allahabad and in the worst case mechanical. So probably state quotas make things better and in case they do you are sure to get either CS IT or ECE at NIT Allahabad. Anyway, you will have a rough idea by today evening.

nikki said...

hello sir i m very depressed rite now... actually i m going to fill form 2 as i stand very faint chances of getting anything in 1 councelling. as far as i know we only have to fill colleges n branches will be alloted by them frm 23 july onwards .. suppose d branch alloted to us is not at all gud n i donot want to tk it can i den withdraw.will dey not give us a choice to tk it or not?? ...will dey return my dd of 15000 rs den plz do reply m not getting any kinda help frm anywhere

Akshay said...

Firstly I am not a sir. :) Secondly, no need to be depressed. Please go through the Fee refund policy on the AIEEE website. As far as I know, if you don't take up a seat through AIEEE they refund the money except some part of it provided certain conditions are met.

nikki said...

yeah i ve been thru it.but it isnt given clear in dere but i only wanna know dat d branch they allot to us ... will i get a chance to refuse it or accept...or will they jst allot it n if i drop den they wont refund d money....

Akshay said...

Probably you should have a timeframe to cancel it. Not too sure on all this stuff though.

Nihal said...

hi akshay,
I got AIR 44,236 and maharashtra SR 2172...what are my chances??what should my aieee form 1 be like??n also what do u think i should put in form 2??
I have no branch specifications n m ready to take up ne branch,except mining n metallurgy

Akshay said...


I am afraid that your rank is a little low and although there is a chance that you will get the worst NITs with the lowest of courses through dropout seats, I don't recommend it. Going for Harayana or Maharashtra colleges can be considered too but they are not that good either. The best way would be to get a management seat in PSG College, RVCE etc.

Nihal said...

I got to be from TN to apply for PSG right??..n what is RVCE?

Nihal said...

but i am still attending aieee some stroke of luck ,if i get sth..what should i put in form 1? n 2?

Akshay said...

Don't know about TN thing for Tamil Nadu.
RV College of Engineering is a decent college in Bangalore which probably makes it to the top 50 engineering colleges in India. That or VIT or a NRI seat in DAIICT, JIIT, LNMIIT are good bets.

If you get anything through Form 1 then you won't be eligible to opt for Form 2. If you are not getting anything at all then do fill Form 1 carefully. Else I would say go ahead with Form 2 as you are likely to have something much better through it. However for that you do need some back up.

nisha said...

my rank at aieee was 4896 & was alloted electrical at NIT CEE Rank is 819. I heard that DCE has better placement,industry interface & exposure than NIT Allahabad.Do I have a chance of Electrical in DCE? And should I leave NIT at its risk? I am interested only in EEE,ELE branches.
plz reply.

Akshay said...

Both NIT A and DCE are good colleges and figure in the top 25 colleges of India. In terms of mere brand value DCE may be higher than NIT A or maybe higher than any NIT for that instance. However as a college overall I would say NIT A>PEC>DCE. However the overall difference won't be much barring for the fact that the infra and faculty at DCE is really bad and the scenario is probably much better in most places. Don't go by merely placements, although average placements of NITs are usually lower, the max/high placements as well as the recuiters at top NITs are top notch. Allahabad is just next to the top three elite NITs in this regard I hope. Have a look at the website for recruiters either. Since you already live in Delhi I recommend going in for DCE as leaving Delhi for something that is not overall a better deal does not make sense, although faculty and infra there may be much better.

Secondly, electrical is a dead subject besides being the toughest one. If you are so interested in this line then go for ECE or at least EEE. ENI may not be as bad an option as EE either, although I am not fully sure on that. What I know is that even Civil is more rewarding than electrical alone.

With your rank you have a chance with both electrical and mechanical at DCE. I would recommend NSIT ICE as your best bet which is anyway better than NIT A.

roshan said...

hii i have got mech in iiitd&m,kancheepuram (iitm campus) and mech in bits pilani also.i am in a dilemma.which institute shud i join?iiit d&m kancheepuram is operating in iit madras and it was my dream to study in iit which is coming true and bits is also,plz suggest what should i do.....

nidhi said...

Hi all, I have got around 3lakhs air in Aieee and SR 23000 and 18 k (category) pls tell which college i could opt for. I m from Delhi

riya said...

i am expecting my aieee score to be around 60-70 this year(2012)..i belong to st category n im from assam. plz suggest good colleges n also if i hav any chance for NITs